Trieste - Lloyd

Vlajka společnosti Lloyd

Vlajka společnosti Lloyd

Austrian Lloyd (Lloyd austriaco Italian) was the largest shipping company Austro-Hungarian Empire in the Mediterranean. The company is headquartered in Trieste - in the Austrian part of the monarchy - was founded in 1833. The founders included 19 insurance companies marine carriers, banks and 127 individual shareholders, including Austrian politician Karl Ludwig von Bruck, the banker Pasquale Revoltella and founder of General Joseph Lazarus Morpurgo. The purpose of this enterprise, which was built on the model of the London run by Lloyd, was initially collect and exchange information on the European maritime trade and overseas markets. In 1836, also to the postal service in the Adriatic Sea - laid the foundation for further expansion of freight and passenger transport. It became one of the largest shipping companies in the world. The official language is Italian, but pamphlets were written in German, the Levant, India and lines in eastern Asia, French and English.

After the First World War, the Austrian Lloyd continued in the Italian property and were to continue to operate in the years 1921-2006 as trientine Lloyd (Lloyd Trieste). In 2006, Lloyd trientine renamed Italia Marittima.

Ship postmarks used in Trieste

Incoming postmarks

  • c.v._da_trieste
  • col_lloyd_da_trieste

Outgoing postmarks

  • col_piroscafo_da_trieste
  • col_vapore_da_trieste
  • leta_arrta_per_mare
  • leta_arrta_per_mare_psaci1
  • leta_arrta_per_mare_psaci2
  • trieste
  • trieste_col_vapore
  • trieste_vla

The postmarks of line Trieste - Buda - Corfu

  • triest_budua_corfu

The postmarks of line Trieste - Durazzo

  • triest_durazzo

The postmarks of line Trieste - Cattaro (Kotor) Express  

  • trieste_cattaro_12

The postmarks of line Trieste - Corfu Express

  • triest_korfu_5

The postmarks of line Trieste - Alexandria

  • schiffsamt_no1_triest
  • triest_alexandrien_6

Outgoing postmarks Trieste - abord = "ON BOARD"

  • triest_abordo_trieste

The postmarks of transit through Trieste on postage ships (not used for routine correspondence) - very rare

  • triest8_m_m

Ship postmarks on stamps

  • 06_3kr_cv_da_trieste
  • 09_3kr_let_ara_per_mare
  • 12_3kr_trieste_col_vapore
  • 13_iii_hp_collloyd
  • 14_iii_hp_cvdatr
  • 15_iii_mp_cvdatr
  • 16_6kr_vla
  • 18_6kr_col_lloyd_da_tr
  • 20_9kr_let_ara_per_mare
  • 22_9kr_let_arra_per_mare
  • 24_iiib_mp.jpg_collloyd_dv
  • 25_iiib_mp_collloyd
  • 26_9kr_trieste_col_vapore
  • 33_2kr_2_tr_col_vap
  • 34_2kr_ok
  • 35_15_2x5kr_ii_collloyd
  • 36_10kr_tr_col_vap
  • 39_15kr_col_vap_da_trieste
  • 40_15kr_obtisk_tr_col_vap
  • 45_15kr_3_trieste_col_vap
  • 52_5kr_5_tr_col_vap
  • 58_15kr_5_let_ara_per_mare
  • 62_15kr_5_let_ara_per_mare_
  • 65_15kr_5_tr_col_vap
  • 67_18_15
  • 74_2kr_6_let_arra_per_mare
  • 78_3kr_6_tr_recom_balken
  • 82_5kr_6_let_arra
  • 86_5kr_6_tr_col_vap
  • 87_let_ara_per_mare_3x5kr
  • 88_let_ara_per_mare_5_10kr
  • 89_trieste_col_vap_2x5kr
  • 92_Triest - Kotor (Cattaro 1)
  • 93_Kotor_Triest
  • 96_Triest_Korfu
  • 97_tr_alex
  • a100_25s_Schiffsamt_Terst - Alexandria