Paper and watermarks

The paper used to print a watermark imposition ZEITUNGSMARKEN placed over two sheets counter. In 1884, the drawing was changed watermark - reduce the length of watermark to 440 mm. The change occurred in the drawings the letters A, E, M, N and R. The initial drawing watermarks on paper with signs of type I, II and of type III. New Drawing watermark only in type III.

By III-th type on the paper with a new watermark occurs like-watermark ZP between 99 and 100 in the shape of an inverted T.

The strength of the paper is in the range of about .06 to .12 mm. In 1884, a short time used a slightly thicker yellowish paper (approximately from 0.08 to 0.1 millimeters). Strong papers were used in the years 1870-1877 and are quite rare. Paper surface was rougher. In the years 1868-1869 was used paper with a smooth surface, in the years 1870-1881 again with a rough surface. From the time it was tete paper surface smooth again.



 Detail of OLD and NEW Watermark

  • wz_if_rk
  • wz_if_ze
Watermark "R K" and "Z E" - old type (TYPE IF)
  • wz_iii_rk
  • wz_iii_ze
Watermark "R K" and "Z E" - New type (TYPE III)
  • wz_t
"Watermark" - shaped like an inverted "T"