Marginal rules

Marginal rules were printed in many variants of the drawing. According to Ing. Müller (13), it is possible to distinguish up to 9 basic species, which were used in various periods of printing.


 A   One approx. 5 mm thick strip.  
 B   Strong stripe with one thin line.
 C  Strong stripe with four thin lines.    
 D  Thick stripe with one thin stripe and with three thin lines.    
 E  Four lines, graduated from thin to thick.  ****    
 F  A thin stripe between two thinner lines.    
 G  Two thin lines between two thicker lines.  ****    
 H  Nine thin lines (sometimes only eight lines visible).  
 I  Two thin stripes.  ****    



Overview of the use of rule types in individual types of stamps I - III



 Type of stamp
 Type of rule according to Müller
 Type I rough printing   A (in different thicknesses and distances), B (in two positions), D, E 
 Type I fine print  A 
 Type II  A, C, F, G, H, I
 Type III  H (first edition), A (in different thicknesses, all later editions)



Individual types of marginal frames according to Ing. Müller (13).


The gallery below shows the different types of marginal frames for all types (I to III).


  • 02_ib_(grau)violett_listy
  • 03_ib_grau_listy
  • 04_ic_(grau)violett_listy
  • 05_ie_graulila
  • 06_if_40blok_72
  • 07_iia_fd_blaulichgrau_4blok
  • 08_iib_blassgraulila_listy
  • 100blok_ram_dz_i_wz_marken_grauviolett
  • 100blok_ram_wz_zeit_grauviolett
  • 4blok_gv_ram
  • 6blok_graulila_ram
  • iii_graulila_paska
  • iii_grauviolett_40blok
  • iii_grauviolett_50blok_dz_ii
  • iii_grauviolett_ram_wz_t
  • iii_hellgrauviolett