Mercury - emission 1867

Release Date June 1, 1867
Expiration September 30, 1900
Number of stamps used in the period of validity pieces

The drawing shows a head mark Mercury facing the left, disposed on a colored background in a circle. It is supplemented frames and ornamental drawing. To 12/31/1867 was sold for 1.05 Cr. From 1/1/1867 the price was reduced to 1 Cr. For more than 33 years of the stamps were printed more than 2 billion worldwide mark. Overall, it was printed in three basic types of drawings. I kind of gross (Grober) and fine (Feiner) printing. II. also type in coarse and fine print and III. type only in the fine print. Each type has then several other subtypes. Each of the subtypes, then it was printed in several colors. The press mold containing four printing plates 100 stamp fields in layout 10 X 10. Above and below the printing plate were inserted protective frames of various design. The paper had a watermark imposition Zeitungs-MARKEN placed horizontally across the two bulkhead sheets. In 1884, there is a change drawing watermarks (length 440 mm). There are printing on thin paper (0.07 mm) thick paper (> 0.13 mm). Printing color was purple. During the printing process, but rather significantly changed its composition. The stamp was issued as the sheared, to facilitate division, however, were conducted private perforation or puncture - known only type III.

ANK 42 Dřevorit 

specimen stamps - woodcut [1]